I am introvert, loner and the only person in the one women show named Mihulli . I am a person unable to live without creating, I am  
strict, petulant, nasty boss myself and to others often sweet, wishing and benevolent. Stones, nature and animals I usually rather  
than people ...can I actually say that?! It's me ... Mihulli .

I like natural materials, sketching  with pencil on paper, notes writting in diary, using my hands and if something can be created  
without the machine with a cup of coffee on a bench on the sun, so that I prefer. I love rocks ... all sorts of... those non-precious  
rather than the expensive ones. I love wood, paper, pencils and paints ... I used to paint and drew a lot, now there is not much  
time. I like books, good wine, sweets, I love cooking and gardening.

My work is heavy, dirty hand toil, daily in the mud , moisture, dust, with the earbuds in my ears and a mask with a filter on my nose,  
with a eternally abraded nails, fingers without fingerprints, calluses ... my job is the best in the world!

I prefer to let my stones as they are, smoothed by the sea, battered, natural, ... beautiful. These beautiful I'm keeping all for myself ,  
to you then sell those treated, on which I signed by my work that I have " disturbed " by grinding, engraving, burnishing, polishing...

Ideas come mostly alone, what does the stones say, or then according to what exactly is indispensable for myself, for my house. I  
am glad when the stones have a purpose, when they are not just for show, but you can / must touch them, caress, warm ... when  
they have their next life, fate.

I graduated from the cutting and engraving of precious stones, the school has taught me a lot, I 'm going back there offten.  
Secondary school and College of Applied Arts in Turnov has a beautiful exhibition of students work scattered throughout the  
building, a workshop full of memories and studios, where still hangs my old drawings .
made by Michaela Karova© michaela.karova@email.cz